Cars Sticker!

Baby Santiago turns 4! and I made him invitations from the Movie Cars some days ago. These stickers are for the surprises! With a legend in spanish “Gracias por acompanarme” that means: “Thank you for joining me”. And the most beatiful gift I received from him was a “Gracias por mi sticker de Cars 2” on my voicemail! than means: “Thank you for my Cars 2 Sticker” I loved that with his cute baby voice! What more can I ask! Thank you Santi!!

Published by mrsantonucci

I love customized Cards & Fresh Design! My specialization are invitations, custom-Stationery and personalized paper gifts. I'm a graphic designer graduated in Guatemala and moved to the U.S. in 2009. Visit my Etsy shop and see all the fun things I have in store! Oh! and don't forget to become a Fan on Facebook Thanks for stopping by and have fun at my blog!

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