Pink and Navy Wedding

Hi Guys! Long Time, No Write… It has been a little over a few months since my last post. A lot has been happening in my life. I had a beautiful Baby Boy! His name is Fabian and is the love of my life! …ok ok enough about me. This time I’m sharing these pinkContinue reading “Pink and Navy Wedding”

New Baptism Invitations!

Hey everybody! I designed these invitations for two cute babies who are going to be baptised soon. That’s why I decided to use neutral colors like the green and beige, as they are boy and girl. Let me know what do you think. 🙂 Patty

Cars Sticker!

Baby Santiago turns 4! and I made him invitations from the Movie Cars some days ago. These stickers are for the surprises! With a legend in spanish “Gracias por acompanarme” that means: “Thank you for joining me”. And the most beatiful gift I received from him was a “Gracias por mi sticker de Cars 2”Continue reading “Cars Sticker!”