Spread your happiness around for springtime!

Now that springtime has arrives you have an pretty good excuse to send these cute butterfly note cards to your loved ones! You can find them through my Etsy page!



Teens Photoshoot!

I had a BLAST! taking these pic!
and those are just a Sneak peek from today’s photoshoot!
They are going to be use for an online store:
wwww.polysboutique.com they have great dresses!


Baby Girl Baptism

Perfect for an ultra feminine shower or classy baptism celebration. Printed on heavy shimmer cardstock. These 5 x5 inches Invitation come with other 2 cardstock, you can choose between pink, brown or beige.

They are 3 different designs I’d shown to her mother. She already made her decision. Which one do you prefer?

You can find these a other of my designs on my Etsy Shop!


Coffee Cup Note Cards

Inspired by real life! I made these cute note cards to all coffee lovers who would like to spread nice words to friends and family! How do you prefer your coffee? Mine is Black with steam soy milk! yummy!

Remember you can get these or similar products on my etsy shop:



Holiday Cards!

It’s tuesday Dec. 18th! almost 7 days to Xmas! This is my favorite season and I always have fun designing Christmas Cards! I made 3 different designs for this beautiful family! I wonder wich is the one are they going to chose! I love them all!



Christmas Card 01 Christmas Card Christmas Card

Note Cards are great gift for The Holidays!

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to show you the latest creation of I Love Cards. These 10 note cards are a gift that my neighbor is going to give this Christmas to her daughter and daughter in law.

You can find them at my Etsy shop. Of course is custom and can change name, colors, design. That will be a great gift for friends and family.