Canon Eos 6D

I remember when my photography teacher told me: “A photographer doesn’t take pictures, he makes them”

I have recently changed my camera from a Rebel T2i to a 6D and OMG! What a big change!! I mean I can see the difference from the second I pushed Β the shutter button! Better resolution of course and using a 24-105 mm lens makes a huge difference! I usually take on location photos and this kind of lens allows me to play with depth of field and I don’t even have to keep changing lenses every time I want to try other poses. I’m very happy and I recommend this kit!

These are some pictures I made with the 6D,


Thank You Note Card

Hope you like this note card I made with my new Silhouette Cameo! (that I totally love BTW πŸ™‚ ) I’ll be creating more amazing designs with this and uploading as soon as I’m done.

You Can find them on my Etsy shop


All you need is Love

An inspired song…The Beatles really wanted to give the world a message! Check out the pictures of this beautiful couple!

Que Viva el Amor!

Family Mini Session

Here is a sneak peek of some pics I took yesterday here in Azalea Garden, FL. Even with a 60% chance of rain and a lot of humidity, we had such a great time and I love how the pictures came out!



New Baptism Invitations!

Hey everybody!
I designed these invitations for two cute babies who are going to be baptised soon.
That’s why I decided to use neutral colors like the green and beige, as they are boy and girl.

Let me know what do you think. πŸ™‚


Pretty in Pink

Hi everybody!
I want to share with you these cute Photos I took last weekend near Downtown Orlando. It was an amazing weather and even more better: spending the day doing what I Love…Photography!



Jayden’s Mother’s Day Photo Shoot

This is a sneak peek of a funny day with Jayden and his Family! it was a cloudy day (great for me! I took advantage of that :P). I definitely enjoy to take pictures of children, they are very active and at the end of the photo shoot I was exhausted but extreamly happy with the pictures!



One word for this Photo shoot: AMAZING! OMG Horses are adorable! Stables, tack room, feeding room and riders…what a wonderful experience!
The hardest thing was capturing the perfect moment between rider, eventhough the light was great, the weather was extreamly humid, of course that’s not new living in Florida.
Well, here are some shots.


Location Portrait Photography Class

Yesterday, my photo class and I went to a Public Garage Parking near Downtown Orlando to photoshoot this cool red BMW and his fantastic owner Devon Sobers. I had so much fun even when we had a rainy day and wondering how the photo will come out for not having enough sunlight or bad light since it was overcast, but I think they are stunning! Thank you Photoshop! πŸ˜€