Welcome to the World Baby!

Hi everybody,

I’m so happy to show off  these baby born announcements I made including a pretty nice favor box to welcome to the world a cute baby boy called Hector Ricardo! His Mom chose the colors and I put the creativity and love to my work. She’d sent me different pictures that her family  took in the hospital and with the magic of Photoshop I just re-touched it a lil bit, because babies are cuuute for default! 🙂

What do you guys think?



In love with Weddings…

Every Bride has her style…I remember my wedding, it was all brown! even the favors we gave were chocolate with coffee beans!! But that’s the touch every bride has to give to her wedding don’t you think?It Is only going to be for one day, and it has to be special!

This Bride loves Black and Red! even her house is like that from the inside…and I love it!…here are her invitations.

Wishing her and her husband to be all the best wishes!

HDR Photography

Some of you remember pictures I took in the past…well in this time I will show you how they amazing look when I apply the HDR Photoshop effect. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a technique used to combine photographs taken under various exposures to produce an effect that is often quite beautiful. As everything in life…the key is doing so only in moderation! That’s my advice!..play with this effect and enjoy it!


Children Portrait :: Field Trip No.1!

Last friday, the portrait children class took place at Park Ave. Winter Park, FL. There are so many nice places to have nice pics. The weather was: Hot, humid and we thought it was gonna rain! luckily…the rain never arrived!!! We were there about 5 hours photographing cute kids! (Yes, the kids were really good…there were no cry babies) I had such a great time an learn a loooot from my teacher (Anna Jannotti) and my friends!

One thing I really learned is: Portrait is all about the eyes! Details are important of course close ups always have to be present!

Here are some samples of my fav. pics. 🙂

First Holy Communion!

Here are some samples of a first holy communion bookmarks I made today for two pretty girls in Guatemala. They are my cousin’s daughter and one of them (Maria Isabel) is my granddaughter. I’m so proud of her, she is really smart! Well both of them are tho! I’m so happy I can be part of this special moment in their live!

Nina’s Baptism!!

Yes!, Nina’s Baptism is coming soon! Remember I’d made a cute favor box when she born? https://ilovecards2.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/welcome-nina/

Well, she is almost 3 months and getting so pretty!, I can see her cute pictures that her mom takes and some Instagram from her Dad! And OMG! I can’t wait to meet her! finally I’m gonna meet her in 15 days!!! yeeei 🙂

Ok, here are some samples for her Baptim invitation!